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Together, we can share the spirit of honoring veterans and invigorating our youth to participate in the joys of flight. Alamo Liaison Squadron (ALS) is imbued with the awe and beauty of charity. We challenge you to join us in giving back to our community. Your support will ensure ongoing achievements by ALS and its members at Cannon Field, in San Antonio and South Texas.

Membership in ALS is open to all. Your membership acknowledges your willingness to support the ALS mission of keeping alive the memory of the Liaison Pilots of WWII. Your service can be recognized in any number of ways including volunteer activities and financial support. You do not need to be a pilot or military veteran to become a member.

ALS is a self-supporting, privately financed, all volunteer organization. Its members are dedicated to building, restoring, maintaining, demonstrating and flying liaison aircraft, also known as L-birds, that have been used in the service of America in times of both war and peace. ALS is a not-for-profit, tax exempt 501c3 organization and is incorporated under the laws of the state of Texas for charitable and educational purposes. No state or federal funds are received.

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If you are interested in becoming an ALS member, click here to download the membership application. Your membership support will promote the continued success and recognition of the flying L-bird museum.