Echoing classic WWII liaison aircraft, the Legend Combat Cub revives an era when the light plane played a pivotal role in success of a global conflict. Reminiscent of historic L-birds produced for the U.S. Army and Air Force from 1941 to 1962, these aircraft are commonly referred to as “Grasshoppers,” in part for their olive drab color, and certainly for their ability to takeoff and land on grass fields.

In recognition of their contributions to the 1st built Legend Combat aircraft, American Legend Aircraft Company acknowledges Alton Kenne of Freer, Texas, and his wife Ellen Kenne for their strong belief, keen interest, and enthusiasm. American Legend Aircraft Company is proud to support the Kenne’s efforts to preserve the liaison aircraft of World War II with their Legend Combat as a modern flying example.

Commemoration presented to Alamo Liaison Squadron members Alton and Ellen Kenne.

Formerly, L-birds served with artillery and other ground forces spotting targets and reporting real-time information on enemy positions. Today, Legend Combat Cubs, and their inspirational L-bird pedigree, can be found flying peacetime reconnaissance missions and seeking adventure in remote places. Like the later Piper model L-18 and L-21 Super Cubs, the Legend Combat Cub has a higher power-to-weight ratio than the J3-derived L-4 versions. Still flying low-and-slow these aircraft define the concepts of short takeoff and landings, stick and rudder instruction, flying for sport, and grassroots aviation.

The Combat Cub is available from American Legend Aircraft Company.