GHQ Maneuvers of 1941

Excerpts from: The U.S. Army GHQ Maneuvers of 1941, by Christopher R. Gabel …there would be more real equipment and less simulation in the 1941 maneuvers than had been the case in previous years. General McNair was reported as saying that he wanted no more maneuvers in which “one man with a flag is a

Lessons from the Liaisons

The Grasshoppers’ wartime operations record can point the way toward safer lightplane flying in the future. Reprinted from Flying magazine, January 1947, by Wilfred Owen. When lightplanes joined the Army shortly before Pearl Harbor they didn’t look very much like war­riors. But they soon proved that you don’t have to be big and tough to

Air OP Is Here to Stay

Excerpts from The Field Artillery Journal, October, 1946, by Maj. Delbert L. Bristol, F.A. In December 1941 the War Department ordered a test of the feasibility of using organic aircraft in the held artillery to provide short range air observation for adjustment of fire. By 1 March 1942 a group of volunteer pilots and mechanics

Interprète Volant – The Flying Interpreter

Interprète Volant, originally written in French, is a first-hand account of the 72nd Liaison Squadron on its march through southern France and into Germany prior to the end of WWII in the European theater. The writings begin in September 1944 with a french interpreter being enlisted into the 7th American Army to assist French and

Evolution of the Liaison-Type Airplane

Evolution of the Liaison-Type Airplane 1917-1944, Army Air Forces Historical Studies: No. 44, produced by AAF Historical Office, April 1946. A detailed look into how the U.S. arrived at the point where a diminutive airplane, collectively known as L-birds, or liaison aircraft, became some of the most imposing forces in the Allied victory of WWII.

Liaison Aircraft with Ground Force Units

Excerpted from Report of the General Board, United States Forces, European Theater. Mission: Prepare report and recommendations on the provision of liaison aircraft to ground force units and for HORSEFLY control of fighter-bomber close base in support missions. Liaison Aircraft Definition The term liaison aircraft is applied to an unarmed and unarmored single engine airplane

Air Evacuation of Wounded U.S. Troops – Video

This WWII documentary film titled, “Perishable Rush,” shows how the Army Air Forces during World War II flew wounded men from Pacific battle areas to mobile army surgeons hospitals, hospital ships, and finally major hospitals and eventually home towns in the United States. Fast forward to the 3:18 mark to see L-4 in action. At

Ciao, Francesco

The story of one WWII American airman who went missing when a crew of nine were shot down in August, 1944, and parachuted out of their B-24 Liberator in northern Italy. April 28, 1945, following the advancement of Allied forces north of the Gothic Line. “British headquarters had been established in a wardamaged building that