L-Bird, The Little Plane That Did – DVD

L-Bird: The Little Plane That Did on DVD, is an Emmy award winning short film directed by Brian Shipman. L-Bird chronicles the untold story of a single-engine taildragger and the role it played in the success of allied forces during World War II. It’s hard for many people to believe such a small airplane could

Parade fly over by ALS

The Devine News, Thursday, November 17, 2005, Page 11 Four WWII vintage planes from the Alamo Liaison Group, honored parade attendees with a three pass flyover during the Fall Festival Parade Saturday, November 5th. Below is their story.

World War II lives on in South Texas Skies

San Antonio Express-News, Sunday, April 4, 1993, by Susan Yerkes. To some, history is what you find in a high-school textbook. To others, it is fading memories. But to Bob Hood, P.D. Straw, Baylor Randle, Bill Houston, Earl Collins and the other men of the Alamo Liaison Squadron, history is a living, soaring, winged thing

Grasshoppers and Flitfires

The early liaison airplanes are being saved. Flying magazine, October 1987, by Gordon Baxter. Down in sunny San Antonio, Texas, the Alamo Liaison Group is the hearty band of enthusiasts that collect, restore and fly these light airplanes that did so much in every theater of the war. The Piper, Taylorcraft, Aeronca and Interstate would

“Keep’em Flying”

Hill Country Recorder, September 19, 1984, story and photo (From the back seat ofthe L-1) by Roger L. Berry. “RETURN WITH US NOW TO THOSE GOLDEN DAYS OF YESTERYEAR….” The men of the Alamo Wing of the Confederate Air Force did just that on the day of the Kendall County Fair Parade. While authentic World

The ALG Flying Museum Runway Expansion

San Antonio Real Estate Association Newsletter—May 1984 The “Alamo Liaison Group’s” (ALG) Flying Museum acquired additional property at the Cannon Field airstrip for the expansion of the organization’s runway following eight months of negotiations by Geoff Sanders. The ALG includes area businessmen, bankers and retired military personnel who formed the organization to locate, purchase, restore,

Forty Years of Army Aviation

Part 1: Grasshoppers, authored by Brigadier General William W. Ford, retired, gives an account of the actions that led to the birth of Army Aviation. Originally published in United States Army Aviation Digest, June 1982, Volume 28, Number 6. The poem or whatever-it-is [below] (spoken with a Deep South accent), written for a celebration dinner