D-Day and the Liaison Pilots

Excerpts from the Alamo Liaison Squadron archives Three “flying jeeps”… took off on D-day with some qualms. When they got close to shore they were fired upon by ships of our navy (including a cruiser, several destroyers, and several troopships) but were not hit. When they got over the shore our ground forces opened up

L-Birds to the 2024 Great Texas Air Show JBSA-Randolph

The two-day San Antonio area event saw a host of military and civilian spectators. Alamo Liaison Squadron was asked to bring aircraft for static display. Spectators witnessed performances by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds—F-16 Fighting Falcons—as well as demonstrations by C-17 Globemaster and C-5M Super Galaxy large transports, a B1-B Lancer strategic bomber, minijets, the

In Memoriam – 16 September 2023

Liaison Squadron Flyover and Ceremony at Cannon Field Alamo Liaison Squadron performed a ceremonial missing man flyover at Cannon Field on Saturday to honor a U.S. Air Force veteran and longtime volunteer at Cannon Field. Richard Roberts departed our company in June of this year and in fulfillment of his and a his family’s wishes

Cannon Field – 53T

The mission of Alamo Liaison Group at conception was twofold: 1) to locate, purchase, restore and maintain in original flying condition, a complete set of military liaison aircraft flown during World War II and 2) to provide a facility for the permanent protection, display and operation of these aircraft. Today, Alamo Liaison Squadron (ALS), a

ALS Performs 2 Flyovers in 1 Day

Gene Jenson, squadron leader, sent out the following message, “We have two requested opportunities to do fly-byes on Veterans Day. I hope that we can fully respond (weather permitting) to both of these. Navarro High School (Seguin, TX) at 9:30 am that will entail a takeoff time of NLT 8:45 am and return to Cannon