Liaison Squadron Flyover and Ceremony at Cannon Field

Alamo Liaison Squadron performed a ceremonial missing man flyover at Cannon Field on Saturday to honor a U.S. Air Force veteran and longtime volunteer at Cannon Field. Richard Roberts departed our company in June of this year and in fulfillment of his and a his family’s wishes a gathering was organized at the airport. Color guard from the U.S. Air Force was present to perform funeral honors complete with the sounding of Taps, flag folding and presentation to the family.

Following the service squadron members boarded their aircraft for the four-ship flyover.

Squadron members board their aircraft (L-R): Piper L-4 flown by Gene Jensen, Taylorcraft L-2 flown by Steve Butler, Aeronca L-3 flown by Jesse Bonilla, and (not shown) Legend Cub flown by Mike Taylor with David Ortega co-pilot.
Finger-four formation by Alamo Liaison Squadron. Flying South to North, the middle aircraft on the pilots’ left departs West in honor of the fallen soldier.

Roberts was a regular participant in ALS activities, actively involved in business operations, as well as the maintenance of aircraft, equipment and facilities. The squadron is forever grateful for his efforts. He will be remembered fondly for his tireless work and, indeed, his friendship.

L-birds on the north end of Cannon Field prior to departure. The squadron’s museum-hangar in the background.

Once again, members of Alamo Liaison Squadron are grateful to participants like Richard Roberts, their families, and friends whose dedication makes the flying museum’s mission a continued success. Your presence on this day was true celebration of the life of one of our own.

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