Gene Jenson, squadron leader, sent out the following message, “We have two requested opportunities to do fly-byes on Veterans Day. I hope that we can fully respond (weather permitting) to both of these.

Navarro High School (Seguin, TX) at 9:30 am that will entail a takeoff time of NLT 8:45 am and return to Cannon Field about 10:15 am.

“We would need to show up in time for a briefing 8:25 and assure aircraft are ready for the flight. The tentative plan is for a Missing Man northbound, regroup and return southbound in right echelon before returning to Cannon Field.

ESC 20 (just south of San Antonio International Airport) which we have done several times in past years at 11:45 am that will entail a takeoff from Cannon Field NLT 11:20 am.

“This will provide about an hour on the ground for refueling as needed, briefing at 11 am and a short rest and aircraft check. The tentative plan is a single fly-bye (due to SAT traffic) WNW bound and return to Cannon.

“As far as I know at present: Stan, Jesse, Mike, Chris and I have plans to fly both flights and that would make a nice compliment of fliers. Richard plans to be in place at Navarro High School to assist in coordinating the actual time of arrival. If possible, David may be at ESC 20 to assist in actual time of the fly-bye.

“As far as I know at present: The L-2 and J-3 are both ready to fly. The L-3 exhaust has not yet arrived, but all is ready for installation. Availability will depend on when the exhaust system arrives. The Cannon Field fuel tanks have been re-filled so that need is covered. David has been working my L-4 comm and ADSB-Out and hopefully that will be ready, otherwise we may have to make some adjustments.

“Let’s see if we can make this a good day of safe flying and service in honor of Veteran’s Day. Please advise immediately if the information above is not right, needs adjustments or any corrections.”

Navarro High School Flyover, Seguin, TX Veterans Day Nov 11, 2020. Photos by Paul T. Bigelow.
ESC #20 Flyover San Antonio, TX 11-11-20
ESC #20 Flyover San Antonio, TX Veterans Day Nov 11, 2020. Photos by Paul T. Bigelow.

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