L-Bird: The Little Plane That Did on DVD, is an Emmy award winning short film directed by Brian Shipman. L-Bird chronicles the untold story of a single-engine taildragger and the role it played in the success of allied forces during World War II.

L-Bird DVD © 2010 Brian Shipman and Gary Ellison Productions. All Rights Reserved.

It’s hard for many people to believe such a small airplane could cause so much chaos, death and destruction. But it did. It’s even harder to understand how such a remarkable story could go untold for half a century. At the start of WWII, many officers thought the little planes were a joke. But before the war was half over, field officers wouldn’t go anywhere without them. Using L-birds as spotters, the U.S. Army was able to place it’s artillery with pinpoint accuracy. Anything that moved under the watchful eye of an L-bird pilot was immediately blown away.

A remarkable landing device was developed so the planes could be used at sea on transport ships. With the Brodie System, planes could land, refuel and take off again without their wheels ever touching the ground. This documentary reveals the only film in existence of the Brodie System and the incredible story of the men who flew these cloth covered planes into battle. Click here to watch the trailer.

The L-Bird DVD is available for $29.95 (+$5 shipping continental U.S.) directly from Alamo Liaison Squadron. For international shipping, please email us.

The L-Bird DVD and Box Seat Over Hell book can be purchased as a set for just $39.95 (+$5 shipping continental U.S.) directly from Alamo Liaison Squadron.


I watched the DVD already twice. The video disc is superb, I love it and I feel deep respect and admiration for the guys who, just like the L-bird, DID IT! Regards all the way. – Paul van Zwijndregt, Netherlands

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  1. Joseph M. Zias


    I have been searching for this DVD for several years. I bought a copy from the WAAM museum in Hood River, OR. I put in our local airport library but someone stole it. WAAM has not been able to reorder. This one I will keep.

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